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Greenwich Major Infrastructure Project

Mixed Development

At a Glance

Greenwich’s infrastructure encompassed three separate major projects. Each had their own level of technical complexity and involved us working for three different customers Galliard Construction, O’Sheas and Durkan construction. This infrastructure project made full use of our design and installation skills. 

The works included the installation of over 25km of HV cable, 10 substations and a new IDNO network. This highly technical work was all the more complex as it involved minimising disruption to the community while laying cable through the Greenwich Royal Park, under the Deptford culvert over an underground tunnel and under a railway bridge. 

Greenwich Major Infrastructure Project

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Our Solution

  • A major London development covering 3 projects - 17MVA
  • Greenwich Reach – IDNO network for 980 flats and 12 commercial units including leisure, Waitrose
  • Greenwich Commercial – mixed use, 3 Substations
  • Granite Wharf – large mixed use, 2 ring main units for IDNO network
  • 25km of cable installed through Greenwich and adopted by UKPN
  • Design taking into account the specific areas of protection - The Royal Park
  • The main cable route went under the Deptford culvert, over and under bridges and through the Royal Parks.
  • Number of customers to report to including Galliard Construction, O’Shea the builder, Durkan Construction.