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Shacks Barn, Silverstone

Solar Farm Development

At a Glance

In 2012 South Northants Council granted permission for a 5MW solar farm for Moser Baer Clean Energy Ltd at Shacks Barn nestled between Whittlebury and Silverstone. The development was situated in an area of low visibility from both roads and properties, so local residents were supportive of the proposed works.

The vast new photovoltaic farm was designed to be capable of fulfilling the power needs of 1,500 homes and efficiency estimates suggested the solar farm would stop 2,150 tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere every year - nearly as much as an acre of trees would absorb. What is more, despite the 50 lorries trips, within two year and a half years it would have off set construction phase emissions.

Dragon IS has provided solar power grid connections for over 13% of the total ground mounted solar currently connected in the UK. Drawing on this expertise and experience the Dragon IS construction team provided a 33kV connection and installed over 450 metres of cable whilst causing minimal disruption to the local community. The company also designed and installed the metering substation which together with the network was adopted by WPD.

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Our Solution

  • 5MW Solar Farm creating power for 1,500 homes
  • Situated in area of low visibility to local residents
  • Customer was Moser Baer Clean Energy Ltd
  • Connected to a 33kV power line
  • Approximately 450 meters of 33kV cable installed
  • The Design and Install Metering Substation adopted by WPD
  • Network adopted by WPD