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When the Sofitel London Heathrow hotel explored options to migrate from the Airport’s privately owned and operated HV electricity system to a new supplier, significant potential energy cost reductions were identified…if complex engineering challenges could be overcome.

Although there was a connection point to a new HV network only 200m away, a conventional ‘excavation and reinstatement’ approach to lay the cable was rejected on economic grounds, so DragonIS provided a directional drilling solution, using topographical data mapped by ground penetrating radar. This meant negotiating a host of critical – and densely located - underground services, including fuel delivery pipes, hydrant mains, fibre optic cabling, 11 and 33kV electricity cables and a gas feed…a feat completed in just two weeks.

At the hotel site, a new intake substation was installed, along with HV switchgear, to take the feed from the DNO (SSE), while careful project management ensured continuity of supply to the hotel during change-over, with seamless switching between transformers. As a result of DragonIS’s innovative design and programme of works, the hotel achieved project payback in just nine months thanks to much reduced energy costs, with ongoing savings estimated at £90,000 per month.

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Our Solution

  • ROI on directional drill HV connection project achieved in nine months
  • Ongoing energy savings of £90,000 per month
  • 3 x 200m ducts routed under Heathrow Airport’s Western Perimeter Road, two diverted culverted rivers and A3044
  • Route plotted via ground penetrating radar survey
  • Drill head position tracked by specialist technology, ensuring 3m safety zone around critical airport services
  • New intake substation installed at Sofitel hotel site with HV switchgear
  • Continuity of hotel electricity supply assured during switch-over
  • Authorised staff trained by DragonIS to switch between duty and standby transformers if required
  • Project completed without a hitch in less than two weeks