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Commerical Connections

Our team of experts create and install bespoke electricity and gas solutions for every commercial development - whatever its type, size or complexity.

As a leading independent connections provider we have worked on some of the UK’s most prestigious commercial developments. We handled the redevelopment of the HP Sauce site for East End Foods, through to installing the electricity distribution network for The Cube, where our solution had to support a vast array of retail, office and residential space across 30 floors.

With commercial projects there are many parties to please. Deadlines are crucial and business disruption has to be kept to a minimum. We excel at these projects because under one roof we have the teams to cover the whole process - from start to finish.

Furthermore as a truly independent, privately owned business, we are more responsive and flexible. For our commercial customers this means:

  • Creative solutions that fit your needs
  • Realistic payment plans
  • Fewer upfront costs
  • A ‘can do’ approach
  • A willingness and ability to think around the problem
  • An ability to meet tight timeframes. 

See some of our work: