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Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel

Accredited by Lloyds to provide up to 132kV of electricity plus fully GIRS accredited for gas, projects involving gas and electricity can have every aspect managed by the Dragon team.

This total in-house service gives you:

  • One single point of contact for the entire project
  • No handover between two subcontractors resulting in needless delays
  • Better quality control of the entire job
  • Our superior approach to health and safety applied to both gas and electricity

Plus both gas and electricity connections are delivered the ‘Dragon’ way. That means:

  • Creative solutions that fit your needs
  • Realistic payment plans
  • Fewer upfront costs
  • No delays waiting for kit to arrive
  • A ‘can do’ approach
  • A willingness and ability to think around the problem
  • An ability to meet tight timeframes.