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Although the electrical utility connections market was deregulated over a decade ago, many people are still confused about what it all means and how they should proceed. That's why we've created this area to help you...

  • Connection confusion?

    Perhaps you’re unsure about the best way to tackle your project, what’s feasible, what you can or cannot do, or what a realistic timescale or budget is? Whatever your question we’ve a bank of experts ready to help.

    For free advice about your project speak to our Business Development Team.

  • Jargon Buster

    Not sure what the terms mean?

    Get our FREE jargon  buster!

    Get our FREE jargon buster!

  • What work is contestable?

    Some work can be done by a Lloyds approved independent connections provider, and some can’t. Not sure which camp your project fits in?  Get our FREE at-a-glance guide, which will show you what is, and what isn’t contestable.