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Reflecting on the Dragon Boat Race

15th July 2014

Dragon in Action

Despite the dull weather the spirit of Dragon was flying high and with both teams raring to go we took on the best of them.  Due to short numbers many loved ones stepped in and helped us make it an amazing day. Both teams battled their way through 3 heats cheered on by the Dragon supporters of all ages on the riverbank.  Food and drink were flowing freely thanks to Debbie and Simon who provided a delicious hog roast for all to devour.

This year there was only one boat that capsized and thankfully did not belong to Dragon and although we did sail some rocky waters we still managed to stay afloat.  The results are in and our A team finished 14th and the B team 26th out of 39 teams.  Not bad considering we had no training prior to the event. 

We are still awaiting the final count of sponsorship but are keeping our fingers crossed that we beat last year’s amount of £1000.

Many thanks again for everyone who played their part in organising, helping, sponsoring, supporting and racing for this wonderful event.

We hope to achieve even greater results when we return to race next year.

Dragon PreppingDragon Smiling