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Solar Farm Linking Cubicle

25th July 2014

A client needed to connect 2 x 33kV cables into a single circuit breaker, however the circuit breaker was only designed to accept a single cable.

DIS suggested the use of a GRP linking cubicle. The cubicle consisted of a standard substation size GRP housing, on a deep concrete slab foundation, to accommodate the incoming and outgoing cables. The cables are brought in and mounted on to a steel framework on the walls, where they can be connected together using euromold type ‘T’ connectors.

This arrangement has been used before, however the size of building would have caused issues with the planning permission.

Dragon was asked if the size could be reduced to ease planning acceptance.

By re-arranging the cables around the walls, and using the euromould compact ‘T’ connectors the GRP housing was reduced to an acceptable size. In addition, the concrete base was re-designed to a simple slab construction, reducing construction time and cost.

The client has accepted the new design, and placed an order for construction mid-August.