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Dragon Gains Accreditation for Self-Determination

3rd Feb 2016

Late last December, Dragon met with officials from Lloyds Register to present an application to gain accreditation to make self-determined Points of Connection.  We gathered information which was presented to Lloyds showing them that we are competent to be able to determine the location of low voltage and 11kV points of connection.

This means that instead of putting in an application for a point of connection and having to wait the standard timelines for it to be returned, we will be able to determine the best location for the Point of Connection and immediately get to work on creating our proposal thus decreasing our proposal issue timescales significantly.  Although we have not quite put into motion we also have the accreditation to self-approve our own designs so that we only require minimal input from the local Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and can push the project into construction quicker, we hope to integrate this into our standard procedures this year.

Now that we have these accreditations, in the near future we will be putting a pitch together to apply for self-connect/inspection accreditation so we can complete a project with minimal delays.

Dragon Infrastructure Solutions CEO, Debbie Edgar, says:  ‘We are thrilled about the new accreditation and this is a very exciting step for Dragon, for years we have had to comply with the DNOs timescales on returning documentation, meaning we would have to wait weeks on end to receive information regarding a Point of Connection or design approval. Our new accreditation now means we should be able to push projects through much faster, helping to ease workflow and potentially take on more projects.  Looking into the future, our goal is to gain self-connect and inspection authorisation so we will have the ability to potentially connect a project in a matter of weeks rather than months!’

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