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DragonIS Step Up to Medium Pressure Gas

15th Dec 2014

Dragon Infrastructure Solutions, one of the leading Independent Connections Providers in the UK, has just received its medium gas accreditation from the Lloyd’s Register, allowing DragonIS to handle gas connections up to 2bar pressure (2000mbar). Previous accreditation only allowed the company to work up to 75mbar. 

This latest development means DragonIS is now one of only three companies in the UK which can handle both 132kV of electricity and 2bar pressure gas.

DragonIS had to submit technical documentation to the Lloyd’s Register Assessor, proving it had sufficient systems in place to carry out the medium pressure connection. Once this had been accepted DragonIS was granted partial accreditation. The next stage was to undertake a medium pressure connection to the National Grid network, which was audited onsite by the Lloyd’s Register Assessor. Once the connection was successfully completed correctly DragonIS was granted full accreditation.

While the accreditation expands the range of projects DragonIS can work on, it also makes it easier for clients as they can work with just one provider on dual fuel projects involving medium pressure connection. Simon Phipps, CEO of Dragon Infrastructure Solutions elaborates:

“It’s a great endorsement of our team that we are now one of a very select group of organisations allowed to provide dual fuel connections at this level. Even more importantly, it benefits dual fuel clients as it eliminates the need for any handover between contractors. This removes expensive time delays and ensures better quality control, which are very important considerations when you’re a developer trying to get a site up, operational and earning money.”

DragonIS has over the last 13 years, worked with many of the UK's largest house builders, landowners and developers on over 200 major construction projects, constructing over 300 substations and connecting over 10,000 houses and apartments to the national grid. Many of these have been prestigious projects including The Cube in Birmingham, Chelveston Energy Park in Northampton and the Royal Military Academy in the heart of London.  Furthermore by the end of 2014 the company will have connected over 25% of the UK’s large scale solar projects.

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